ABA Therapy in Kingwood, Texas

Why choose Chase Behavior Solutions? 

Each individual we work with is unique and deserves to have a program tailored to how they learn best. At Chase Behavior Solutions, we see each client for who they are and strive to find how we can best help them progress to reach their full potential. To do this, we utilize multiple assessment tools, parent interviews and insight, as well as our own observations to create custom treatment plans for your child.

We have multiple BCBA’s and a BCaBA onsite daily to support our talented Registered Behavior Technician’s (RBT’s) who work tirelessly to assist your child in their 1:1 sessions.

Utilizing Natural Environment Teaching (NET) in sessions, we follow the lead and current motivation of your child to make learning more fun. During a typical day, your child will work with multiple RBT’s allowing for generalization of skills across people and environments for an easier transition for skills to emerge in the home setting.

We offer weekly parent trainings where you speak directly with your child’s BCBA about current programs, progress, ABA terminology, as well as any issues that may arise in the home environment.